ROBOT melawan manusia akan sangat menarik jika dipertandingkan karena anda pasti mengikuti film astalavisa beybeh dari sewaktu Arnot muda hingga Arnot sudah tua dan robot memakai banyak CGI.

Robot lawan manusia sebetulnya sudah dipertandingkan juga dan ternyata jauh lebih seru dibanding dalam film.

Dalam pertandingan Manusia melawan Artificial Intelligent, manusia kalah dalam permainan game.

Tidak hanya dalam bermain game permainan, game TV juga ternyata manusia kalah melawan Watson.

Sepertinya memang manusia akan kalah jika bersaing otot dan presisi melawan robot, apakah demikian?

Artificial intelligent hanya akan kalah dengan Artificial intelligent, sepertinya.

Ada dua pertandingan manusia melawan robot, antara manusia pemenang tenis meja dengan robot ahli presisi.

Siapa yang menang? Pertandingan yang sudah lama tapi keren, lumayan untuk tontonan menunggu jam kerja atau disela makan siang.

Perlu anda toton sendiri.

Bagian – 1:

Published on Mar 10, 2014

Man against machine.
The unbelievably fast KUKA robot faces off against one of the best table tennis players of all time. Who has the best technique? Who will win the first ever table tennis duel of human versus robot?
Watch this thrilling commercial of table tennis and robotics performed at the highest level. The KUKA KR AGILUS demonstrates its skills with the table tennis racket – a realistic vision of what robots can be capable of in the future.
Timo Boll, the German table tennis star, is the new brand ambassador for KUKA Robotics in China. The collaboration celebrates the inherent speed, precision, and flexibility of KUKA’s industrial robots in tandem with Boll’s electrifying and tactical prowess in competition. To celebrate the new KUKA Robotics factory in Shanghai, the thrilling video was a highlight of the Grand Opening on March 11th, 2014. The 20,000 sq. meter space will produce the KR QUANTEC series robot as well as the KRC4 universal controller for the Asian market. As a market leader in China, KUKA aims to further develop automation in the country while providing a modern and employee-friendly working environment.
music production: Lost in Music; composer: Matthias Neuhauser; soundmix: Robert MIller c.o. m-sound

Ada bagian dua dan seru juga.

Bagian – 2:

Published on Mar 11, 2015

Last year, Timo Boll challenged the KUKA KR AGILUS in his area of expertise: table tennis. Now, it is up to Timo to prove his qualities in a completely different kind of duel.

The revenge is on. Man and machine are ready. The KUKA KR AGILUS and Timo Boll face each other for a new match. But this time, there are no rackets and no balls – there’s only glass.

Watch this fantastic commercial featuring two worthy opponents that both provide utmost precision, speed and flexibility.

Which side are you on? Are you “Team AGILUS”, supporting one of the fastest robots on earth? The KUKA KR AGILUS is unrivaled in his payload class and offers a lot of other talents, too, e.g. in picking and placing, assembling, loading and unloading machines. Or are you “Team Timo”, backing Timo Boll, the terrific German table tennis star and brand ambassador for KUKA Robotics?

Who will break first? Check out now.